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Stephanie Graziano,
Founder, BYOB,
Building Your Own Business
"For the past 10 years, I have been coaching entrepreneurs and business owners. I have used many tools in my practice, but none as effective as PRISM in assessing individual and team strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. The assessment's straightforward simplicity allows participants to choose answers without stress or confusion and the results have proven to be both insightful and accurate, which allows us to build strong and balanced teams. The process of business planning can easily produce an outcome that will not be followed or adhered to if it is not deeply rooted in elements that resonate with the parties who will have to carry it out. With the PRISM assessment, we are able to build strong plans that we know the individuals will connect with and stay committed to. It has now become a staple in our system of coaching and business building."

Gabriel Valo,
"You have completely changed my life! Honestly, it's not very often that I say that with my utmost sincerity and my utmost conviction, and let me just share with you why. One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of matching your personality with a business model and that the perfect business is the combination of your personality with the right business model. So I sat down and began reflecting on what my personality is or what sort of person I am, and what really comes so naturally to me. in just a matter of two days I was actually able to make $6500 (US). I just wanted to say that this could not have been possible, if it wasn’t for the revolutionary content you have shared with me on the importance of matching the personality as well as the business, because, over the last eight years, when I think about what I’ve been doing, I’ve always been chasing after the money, I’ve always been going after what is profitable, which business is profitable. I never really cared to think about what my personality is and what comes so naturally to me. I wanted to say this once again, thank you so much for making a great impact in my life. I can just imagine what it’s going to be like three months from now, six months from now or one year from now, so once again thank you very much."

Savitha Reddy,
CEO, 'Inlingua Bangalore'
"Even though I had some info on my personality type, I never had a clear idea of where exactly I stand, nor how to use my strengths and weakness to my advantage. Now, it’s like I have a clear road map and it has become easier to see where I am going and where I need to change. This clarity is now enabling me to consciously apply my strengths to other areas of my work and life as well and to ensure, I do not stretch myself too much on areas I'm not strong in. It's such a simple tool and I wish I had access to this information earlier. I recommend that more and more people make use of this wonderful tool and gain clarity of their personality type and achieve success in every area of their life."

Soumitra Paul,
CEO of
"After having my prism brain map reviewed for me, I immediately recognized how powerful this tool could be for entrepreneurs. Great companies are founded by people with complimentary skill-sets and strengths. PRISM can precisely show how effective a founding team can be if the founding team takes the test. While this may sound odd to get a psychological analysis done before you start your company, I think it isn't. We live in an age where we are engineering serendipity and love; start ups are math's and science! I recommend all entrepreneurs should get their PRISM analysis and go through Beejal’s Personality Blueprint program."

Madhulika Verma,
Founder & Image Mentor
Image Power
"Prism is an exceptional tool in understanding one’s own behavioral preferences. As an Image Management Mentor I come in contact with executives, senior managers, CEOs who lack the knowledge of their own strengths and opportunities to grow. A comprehensive tool like Prism made it easy for me to discover my client’s behavior preferences, their strengths and the gaps between how they aspire to be perceived and how their current behaviors are being perceived by others. Gap analysis was critical for Image coaching sessions and Prism report helped me create a coaching strategy for professionals that enhanced their overall image so they can successfully achieve their life goals."

Ankur Gupta,
Author of 'Seed Of Genius'
"Thanks for the wonderful clarity provided using PRISM. I was a wee bit skeptical but as the report kept unfurling it helped me direct a beam of light on myself and deeper self-exploration than I had been doing. Thank you Beejal for giving me an awesome opportunity to think beyond the box."

Hazel Palache,
President of 'Your Stairway To Wealth'
"I recently had the opportunity to attend Beejal Parmar’s Personality Training. I learnt so much about the nuances of my own personality and the ins and outs that, I know, are going to make me even more powerful when I work with my own clients. I really highly recommend Beejal’s training, and if you’re thinking of taking it, I encourage you to do so. Beejal is delightful to work with and you will learn so much about yourself. Thanks Beejal!"

Makayla Leone
I highly recommend training with Beejal. The reason why is that he offers amazing value, content and is a man of high integrity. By learning about different elements of your personality and tapping into your attributes you discover how much we are all wired for success! The key is understanding how your personality can actually excel your business once you learn aspects of yourself. I received deeper learning, more clarity and I highly recommend learning from him!"

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Personality Success GAP Analysis

The following test consists of seven keys with three questions each.
Attempt all the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.

The questions are to be answered on a likert scale on one to ten. Answer the statements based on how the statements apply to you.

In the scale, 1 is 'I completely disagree', 5 is 'I'm not sure' and 10 is 'I completely agree'.

Answering the scale between 1-5 would indicate the degree to which you disagree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale between 6-10 would indicate the degree to which you agree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale at 5 or 6 indicates that you do not have a definite answer.

It is suggested that you try to answer above and below 5 or 6, as much as possible.

Don't overthink! Often, the first answer that comes to mind is usually the right answer.

The test should take you around 3 minutes to complete.

Good luck!

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