Personality Success Blueprint

What is Personality?

We know that different people have different kinds of personality. In fact no two people have the same personality. Have you ever wondered why different people act differently to the same situation or challenge?

While some may react with great amounts of anxiety, others may remain calm and display a sense of confidence in the face of a challenge; this is because while these people may be similar in age, gender or community, they still differ in personality, which is what makes them unique as individuals.

Personality is a person's characteristic thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We also know we do not always react in a set way when faced with a challenge and that sometime it could be the nature of the challenge itself that incites certain reactions.

This is why psychologists differentiate between an individual’s 'state 'and an individual's 'trait''. This simply means that if a person’s anxiety reaction is typical of them, then this becomes their personality 'trait 'and if a person's anxiety is only situational and not typical of them, then this is their 'state'. Traits therefore are consistent and states are transient.

What Creates Your Personality?

Studies indicate that personality is a result of both genetic factors as well as your interaction with family and friends. So your personality is innate as well as learnt and shaped by your environment.

Why Analyze Your Personality?

Personality determines a number of important characteristics and behaviors, including how people interact with others, what motivates them, and what they value.

Analysing personality reveals your unique combination of personality traits that then can be used effectively to move in the right direction in a career, wealth or success path that is best suited to your unique personality. Having a clear understanding of you, narrows down the options to the options that best work for you, and drives you quicker to your goal, than when you have little to no understanding of what motivates you, what your values are, the extent to which emotions and stress affect you or why you behave in the ways that you do when faced with challenges.

Essentially, analysing your personality is simply discovering secrets about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, your behavioral patterns, your emotions, stressors, your likes and dislikes, your natural talents and things that we otherwise never stop to think about. When we gain a clear picture of what drives us, what our strengths are, what we show natural talent for, we can then begin to harness it in a way that will minimize our struggle in the life path that is truly aligned with our abilities.

What is Personality Analysis?

Just as we informally assess the personalities of others around us on a daily basis, psychologists also assess the personalities of individuals but in a more scientific and systematic manner. Personality assessments can be used for many reasons like screening job candidates or to simply gain insight about yourself or someone around you.

Most personality inventories are self-report inventories where individuals read the test statements and answer in accordance to which statement applies to them the most. These inventories generally categorize an individual’s behavior along different dimensions, depending on the test.

These analyses determine your personality type, which can then be worked with for an easier and less bumpy time down the road to your goals. They can determine whether you derive your energy to be productive from within you, as in introversion or from those around you as in extroversion. They can determine your emotional stability, leadership style, work preferences, and behavior predictability.

While Intelligence tests have a derived intelligence quotient in definitive terms, there are no such right or wrong answers in self-report inventories, these are designed to develop a comprehensible personality profile which can then be used for various other purposes.

When you take our 3-minutes Personality Success Gap Test, you will discover how aware you are of your personality, and the aspects of your personality that are essential to achieve greater success in life.

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Personality Success GAP Analysis

The following test consists of seven keys with three questions each.
Attempt all the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.

The questions are to be answered on a likert scale on one to ten. Answer the statements based on how the statements apply to you.

In the scale, 1 is 'I completely disagree', 5 is 'I'm not sure' and 10 is 'I completely agree'.

Answering the scale between 1-5 would indicate the degree to which you disagree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale between 6-10 would indicate the degree to which you agree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale at 5 or 6 indicates that you do not have a definite answer.

It is suggested that you try to answer above and below 5 or 6, as much as possible.

Don't overthink! Often, the first answer that comes to mind is usually the right answer.

The test should take you around 3 minutes to complete.

Good luck!

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