From Self Awareness To Vision Board

If you have ever read a book on personal development, or watched a video or been to a seminar, you are no stranger to the concept of visualizing what you want, or creating a vision board for what you want in life or how you want your life to with crystal ball

In the new thought and personal development movement, this is commonly referred to as the ‘Law of Attraction’. Despite such teaching, many people fail to materialize the very things they want in life.

Self-Awareness or The Lack Of It…

While there are a myriad of reasons why one does not manifest what one desires, one very fundamental reason is a lack of self-awareness. Think about this, if you don’t really know yourself, how can you design the right future for yourself?

Most people think they know themselves, however when faced with deeper introspective questions, they underestimate how tough it is to answer a bunch of questions about themselves. You’d think if there is any topic you should be an expert at its yourself… right? …. wrong!

At the core of personal development is a continual process of self-awareness. The concept and the process in itself require us to dive deep into the layers of our own consciousness. People usually find self-awareness one of the most challenging things they have to do in personal development. The deeper you go into the mind, the more energy is used up, because the brain is a muscle that is getting exercised. However, the fatigue comes when the conscious mind tries to go deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind, going further back in time to memories long forgotten to unravel the layers surrounding those memories to work past it to make better decisions in your present life.

In the Vedas, it mentions in roundabout ways, that the purpose of life or the ultimate success comes from self-mastery that is mastery over one’s emotions and one’s mind. While most Eastern and Western guru’s also say the same kind of thing, what they don’t quote or emphasize as much is that self-mastery can ONLY come from self-awareness!

Knowing yourself is an ongoing journey, but one well worth your introspection to create a better life for yourself. The deeper the questions, the tougher it gets. However,the more you do it, the easier your mind gives up the answers.

Underlying the Personality Success Blueprint program was my studying Yoga Vasistha, the Yoga taught to Rama by Maharishi Vasistha. I adopted the teaching and knowledge to be in alignment with other scriptures like “know thy self” in the bible for example. Where religions overlap is where the truth exists.

Life Vision Based On Who You Really Are…

Moonlight reflectionOnce you develop greater self-awareness, through a program like Personality Smart (which is one of the modules of Personality Success Blueprint), you can create a life vision based on who you are. The vision must be clear and compelling, it should feel like watching a trailer for a movie, and when you read your vision back, it should leave you feeling like you really want to see the movie. That movie, is your life, and you have the leading role.

My question to you is, how can you design a future for yourself, if your awareness of who you are is not clear? Take time to dive deep into your own mind, body and spirit and gain clarity on who you are so you can act towards being the best version of yourself. Do not be discouraged by the journey to self discovery, in fact embrace it and make it a passion.

In invite you to dive deep into your own mind, master it, and master your life.

Dream, Create, Live… Your True Life Adventure,

Beejal Parmar
Create your blueprint for success based on who you really are.
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