Create A Blueprint For Success Based On Your Unique Personality Workshop

It is true that at some level, we all want to achieve greater success and ultimately be happy with our efforts and in our lives; yet, the reality is that a large majority of career professionals, executives and entrepreneurs struggle to achieve the very thing they pursue and work so hard for. Many of them are very confused about their direction in life, unclear about who they are, and have found life to have become unbalanced, where only a few areas of their lives are working well for them and other equally important areas of life are failing for them. The result is many people are finding themselves feeling frustrated, confused, de-motivated and stressed.

Success, most people believe comes from having a great idea, a plan and to work hard at achieving it, however after having studied this formula, I found an inherent flaw in the success formula, the missing “P”. After a decade of struggle and finding myself dead broke, with a broken moral, low self esteem and without direction, it was by chance, or you could say fate, that I stumbled across what I call as the missing ‘P’ in success- Personality. I discovered the importance of understanding one’s personality through both personal experience and working with entrepreneurs all over the world, and this simple step of understanding my personality shifted my world around.

Today I live a great lifestyle, with my family, travelling around the world, running 3 organizations with over 400 employees from my laptop and cell phone, giving me the opportunity to help people all over the world create their blueprint for success based on their personality with my workshops and online programs.

I am of firm conviction that success comes easier when one selects an opportunity that is in alignment with their unique personality- with who they uniquely are. However in addition to understanding who you are, it is vital to have a clear vision of success in all dynamics of your life, have a clearly defined mission and a drive to see your success materialize. It is also equally important to let go of all the past baggage, and limitations that hold you back from succeeding. One must create a blueprint that plots the milestones between where he is now and where he wants to be, set a clear direction versus blindly moving through life.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.33.10 PMTo help people achieve this, I created the ‘Personality Success Blueprint’ program and event.

The upcoming event is going to be held on the 1st of February in Bangalore, India.

During the event, I share the 7 keys to unlocking the potential of your personality. I also teach the participants how to create a powerful guiding future vision and how to better prioritize efforts to create more balance and harmony. I also teach them how to let go of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that becomes an integral part of our personality and holds us back.

While a lot of people think they can do this type of work at home, by themselves, I have found that you have to get away, be immersed in a different environment and experience to give yourself the time to do this inner work.

Beejal Parmar
Speaker, Author, Personality Expert, Results Coach, Mastermind Facilitator
& Creator of ‘Personality Success Blueprint’ program and event:

Create a BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS based on your UNIQUE personality…
PLUS unleash your potential by letting go of emotional baggage and
overcoming limiting beliefs…
PLUS learn to create a compelling guiding vision for your life and select the right mission towards a your desired future while keeping life better balanced!
Online program and event:

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