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From Self Awareness To Vision Board

If you have ever read a book on personal development, or watched a video or been to a seminar, you are no stranger to the concept of visualizing what you want, or creating a vision board for what you want in life or how you want your life to with crystal ball

In the new thought and personal development movement, this is commonly referred to as the ‘Law of Attraction’. Despite such teaching, many people fail to materialize the very things they want in life.

Self-Awareness or The Lack Of It…

While there are a myriad of reasons why one does not manifest what one desires, one very fundamental reason is a lack of self-awareness. Think about this, if you don’t really know yourself, how can you design the right future for yourself?

Most people think they know themselves, however when faced with deeper introspective questions, they underestimate how tough it is to answer a bunch of questions about themselves. You’d think if there is any topic you should be an expert at its yourself… right? …. wrong!

At the core of personal development is a continual process of self-awareness. The concept and the process in itself require us to dive deep into the layers of our own consciousness. People usually find self-awareness one of the most challenging things they have to do in personal development. The deeper you go into the mind, the more energy is used up, because the brain is a muscle that is getting exercised. However, the fatigue comes when the conscious mind tries to go deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind, going further back in time to memories long forgotten to unravel the layers surrounding those memories to work past it to make better decisions in your present life.

In the Vedas, it mentions in roundabout ways, that the purpose of life or the ultimate success comes from self-mastery that is mastery over one’s emotions and one’s mind. While most Eastern and Western guru’s also say the same kind of thing, what they don’t quote or emphasize as much is that self-mastery can ONLY come from self-awareness!

Knowing yourself is an ongoing journey, but one well worth your introspection to create a better life for yourself. The deeper the questions, the tougher it gets. However,the more you do it, the easier your mind gives up the answers.

Underlying the Personality Success Blueprint program was my studying Yoga Vasistha, the Yoga taught to Rama by Maharishi Vasistha. I adopted the teaching and knowledge to be in alignment with other scriptures like “know thy self” in the bible for example. Where religions overlap is where the truth exists.

Life Vision Based On Who You Really Are…

Moonlight reflectionOnce you develop greater self-awareness, through a program like Personality Smart (which is one of the modules of Personality Success Blueprint), you can create a life vision based on who you are. The vision must be clear and compelling, it should feel like watching a trailer for a movie, and when you read your vision back, it should leave you feeling like you really want to see the movie. That movie, is your life, and you have the leading role.

My question to you is, how can you design a future for yourself, if your awareness of who you are is not clear? Take time to dive deep into your own mind, body and spirit and gain clarity on who you are so you can act towards being the best version of yourself. Do not be discouraged by the journey to self discovery, in fact embrace it and make it a passion.

In invite you to dive deep into your own mind, master it, and master your life.

Dream, Create, Live… Your True Life Adventure,

Beejal Parmar
Create your blueprint for success based on who you really are.
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Emotional Mastery, the Dance Between Love and Anger

How well can you really manage your emotions? How do you tend to respond to situations?

A few years a go, concepts such as Emotional Intelligence (E.I) were not part of the business world, very few hired candidates based on their ability to handle emotions. Today, many companies will choose a weaker technical candidate with higher levels of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Mastery is NOT learned in a book or workshop. It is a life long evolving process. Learning how to manage your emotions is the path away from stress, fear, hate, anger towards happiness, love, peace and joy. At some level we all need to improve our mastery of ourselves, however, it simply does not happen by reading about it.

Is Anger Controlling You

shutterstock_smallI received the following via email today, and it was a reminder of this dance between our emotions of love and anger, it’s an unfortunate example of a lack of emotional mastery.

While a man was polishing his new car, his 6 yr old son picked up stone and scratched lines on the side of the car. In anger, the man took the child’s hand and hit it many times; not realizing he was using a wrench.

At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.
When the child saw his father, with painful eyes he asked, ‘Dad when will my fingers grow back?’

The man was so hurt and speechless; he went back to his car and kicked it a lot of times. Devastated by his own actions, sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches; the child had written:
The next day that man committed suicide.

How many times have we reacted to a situation, which we later regret?

Your Mental & Emotional Operating System

Our life experiences condition how we react to situations. It’s an unconscious behavior developed over your life time and it’s like a mental operating software (or virus) embedded in your mind.

Be aware of your thoughts, they become your words,
Be aware of your words; they become your actions,
Be aware of your actions; they become your habits,
Be aware of your habits they become your character,
Be aware of your character they become your personality,
Be aware of your personality it becomes your destiny. 

In the same email that was sent to me, there was a line that says:

“Anger and Love have no limits; choose the latter to have a beautiful, lovely life…”
While I agree, we should choose the later, the reality is that it is easier said then done. It’s like someone saying, “Don’t worry” to you. They mean well, but the reality is that, it is not that easy to switch our emotions on and off, to not react the way we do. As much as we like to think we are in total control of our thoughts and emotions, we all do this with varying ability.

shutterstock_sssmallHowever, you can choose not to be a victim of your mental and emotional conditioning.

Emotional Mastery

Today there are tools such as PRISM Brain & Behavior Analysis that we use with our clients to help you better understand your emotional intelligence. These tools don’t fix us, but, doing the test and reviewing the results brings about greater awareness of who we really are.
Most people choose not to do inner work, to invest time and money in personal development. Be it practices like meditation or workshops. Taking responsibility of who you are is the 1st step.

In our program and event, ‘Personality Success Blueprint’, we share the 7 keys to unlock the secrets of your personality, how to assess your emotional intelligence, we also teach you processes and tools to let go of emotional baggage, overcome limiting beliefs, create a compelling guiding vision for life, and how to better set and achieve goals and objectives to keep life in balance while working towards being the best you can be.

Beejal Parmar
Speaker, Author, Personality Expert, Results Coach, Mastermind Facilitator
& Creator of ‘Personality Success Blueprint’ program and event:

Create a blueprint for success based on your unique personality…
PLUS Unleash your potential by overcoming emotional baggage and
overcoming limiting beliefs


Create A Blueprint For Success Based On Your Unique Personality Workshop

It is true that at some level, we all want to achieve greater success and ultimately be happy with our efforts and in our lives; yet, the reality is that a large majority of career professionals, executives and entrepreneurs struggle to achieve the very thing they pursue and work so hard for. Many of them are very confused about their direction in life, unclear about who they are, and have found life to have become unbalanced, where only a few areas of their lives are working well for them and other equally important areas of life are failing for them. The result is many people are finding themselves feeling frustrated, confused, de-motivated and stressed.

Success, most people believe comes from having a great idea, a plan and to work hard at achieving it, however after having studied this formula, I found an inherent flaw in the success formula, the missing “P”. After a decade of struggle and finding myself dead broke, with a broken moral, low self esteem and without direction, it was by chance, or you could say fate, that I stumbled across what I call as the missing ‘P’ in success- Personality. I discovered the importance of understanding one’s personality through both personal experience and working with entrepreneurs all over the world, and this simple step of understanding my personality shifted my world around.

Today I live a great lifestyle, with my family, travelling around the world, running 3 organizations with over 400 employees from my laptop and cell phone, giving me the opportunity to help people all over the world create their blueprint for success based on their personality with my workshops and online programs.

I am of firm conviction that success comes easier when one selects an opportunity that is in alignment with their unique personality- with who they uniquely are. However in addition to understanding who you are, it is vital to have a clear vision of success in all dynamics of your life, have a clearly defined mission and a drive to see your success materialize. It is also equally important to let go of all the past baggage, and limitations that hold you back from succeeding. One must create a blueprint that plots the milestones between where he is now and where he wants to be, set a clear direction versus blindly moving through life.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.33.10 PMTo help people achieve this, I created the ‘Personality Success Blueprint’ program and event.

The upcoming event is going to be held on the 1st of February in Bangalore, India.

During the event, I share the 7 keys to unlocking the potential of your personality. I also teach the participants how to create a powerful guiding future vision and how to better prioritize efforts to create more balance and harmony. I also teach them how to let go of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that becomes an integral part of our personality and holds us back.

While a lot of people think they can do this type of work at home, by themselves, I have found that you have to get away, be immersed in a different environment and experience to give yourself the time to do this inner work.

Beejal Parmar
Speaker, Author, Personality Expert, Results Coach, Mastermind Facilitator
& Creator of ‘Personality Success Blueprint’ program and event:

Create a BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS based on your UNIQUE personality…
PLUS unleash your potential by letting go of emotional baggage and
overcoming limiting beliefs…
PLUS learn to create a compelling guiding vision for your life and select the right mission towards a your desired future while keeping life better balanced!
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Self Mastery and True Success

True success can only begin to manifest when looked at holistically rather than in monetary terms alone. At the core of true success is self mastery and at the core of self mastery is self awareness, which is being consciously aware of the workings of one’s own mind and exercising mastery over it to truly achieve success in all realms of life than just finances. Ancient Eastern techniques like Yoga, Meditation, QiGong are excellent in cultivating self awareness and mastery, which is at the root of true success and balance in life.


Why do so many people fail in life?

Entrepreneurs often fail at their efforts because the opportunities they engage with do not match their innate personality traits, and therefore cause a lot of effort, resistance, difficulty and failure in their endeavors. Assessing personality traits and then designating a profile or role in which their personality traits can easily and effortlessly fit, allows the individual to excel at his role by simply displaying the traits that come naturally to him. Your personality traits are the blueprint to your success and in that solely lays the importance of assessing what traits and their combinations are unique to you and your personality.


You and your Emotional Intelligence.

Our emotions are not the result of external forces, rather a conscious reaction to life’s circumstances. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, manage and understand our emotions and the emotions of those around us. Cultivating the ability to control our thoughts and feelings is done by simply coming to a quiet awareness of them, through techniques like meditation, where the mind is silenced and not flooded or overwhelmed.


Three Steps to Modify your Personality for Success

shutterstock_94854292.smalljpgYour success in life is largely tied to your personality. Therefore, the faster you discover yourself, the faster you will succeed. Your personality traits would reveal to you, your areas of strength to concentrate on, and the weaknesses to pay little or no attention to. There is no magical way to succeed other than discovering your unique traits and how you can engage such traits to discover and accomplish your purpose and passion.

Effective Steps to Modifying Your Personality for Success

Step 1: Discover Yourself

You may assume you know yourself until you take a reliable personality test and find out so much about yourself that you never knew. So, instead of spending your time and effort duplicating another person’s personality, discover your own unique talents, natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Subsequently, you can create an effective plan that would help you modify your personality for success.

Step 2: Choose your Life Goals or Chart a New Course Based on Your Discovery

Self discovery with the help of a personality assessments and counseling would help you choose your life goals (career, business, course of study, skills acquisition etc) appropriately. And, if you are already on a course, business, career or other life endeavors that do not match your personality type then you can chart a new pathway with the help of an expert. The best way to achieve outstanding success in life is to pursue life goals in line with your areas of strength, unique talents and natural abilities.

You may then ask ‘how do I know if I’m on the wrong path?’ It’s not so difficult, one of the rules of thumbs is the amount of result you are getting from the endeavor compared to the amount of energy or effort you are expending or investing into the endeavor. Does that ring a bell? If it does, then you need to reconsider your present endeavors and seek help. But the first step would be to take a personality test and uncover your unique talents and natural abilities, including your weaknesses.

Step 3: Get Help

The task involved in the modification of personality for success is usually demanding. Sometimes, it may require simple adjustment of lifestyle, while it may require charting an entirely new course or pathway at other times. Whichever way, attaching yourself to a mentor can help you achieve outstanding and quicker results when trying to modify your personality for success. Ensure that such a mentor is someone who has a track record of personal success and has also helped people to succeed through the discovery of their personality.

A mentor can be a life coach, a professional in your desired areas, or someone you look up to. Such persons can help you create an effective plan that would help you modify your personality for success.

In conclusion, the three steps to modify your personality to success is to first discover yourself through reliable personality testing, then chart a new course in life based on your discovery and finally seek aid or guidance from mentor so you attain quicker results than you would without any guidance.

Beejal Parmar.

Role of personality in organizational behavior

shutterstock_98732654smallOrganization Behavior

Organizational behavior refers to the study of people (individuals and groups) and their relationship to each other within an organization. Such study is carried out via a systematic approach, which involves the analysis of the entire scale of human relations in an organization. The areas covered include group interactions, individual interaction with others, as well as interaction between social systems. Over the years, organizations have spent a lot of money carrying out such studies, with little result as output compared to the volume of investment made into such studies.

The Role of Personality in Organization Behavior

 As organizations continued to seek improved and less capital-intensive ways of resolving organizational behavior issues, they’ve come to discover through personality assessment programs, that individuals’ personalities play essential role in organization behavior. Consequently, organizations are beginning to achieve more meaningful results with organizational behavior analysis.

Indeed, personality plays a major role in organization behavior. This is because of people’s thinking and behavioral patterns that ultimately affect different aspects of the organization.  People’s behavioral pattern in a group is influenced by their personality traits. Also, such personality traits control their attitudes and decision making process in the workplace. The impact of personality in the workplace is far reaching; it extends to factors such as motivation, performance, productivity, leadership and conflict. Therefore, human resource managers would be better equipped to handle their tasks when they gain more insights on how personality works to influence organizational behavior.

The way individuals act, react and handle situations in the workplace is largely influenced by their personality traits. So, instead of fighting certain actions exhibited by people in the workplace, managers and organizational leaders should seek more effective way to understand personality traits in the workplace and how they can be properly managed for the success of the organization. Personality traits such as agreeableness, openness and emotional stability point to the fact that an individual at workplace would be a good team player, show positive attitude to work and have less conflict at the workplace. The people with these personality traits also have potential for good leadership in organizations. So, by leveraging effective personality assessment tools to analyze employees’ personality traits, any organization would be able to place each member of the workforce on the right job position.

How to Optimize Organization Behavior

If organizations are able to adopt the most effective approach to tackle organizational behavior issues, the rate of success at the workplaces would be almost not quantifiable. Unfortunately, it appears that organizations are wasting their money on less effective approaches to handling organizational behavior.

One of the best (perhaps the best) approaches to optimizing organization behavior is the use of personality assessment tools. These tools are known to be highly effective in managing organizational behavior; they are reliable, effective and provide excellent value for the money paid for their services. Luckily, they are the most cost-effective approaches to solving organizational behavior issues.

In conclusion, for the longest time organizations have been investing on the lesser effective ways to solve their organizational behavior issues. Today the role of personality in human behavior is well known, and it is time to invest in ways to understand human behavior within the organization in the greatest detail possible to increase the overall productivity and success of an organization.

Beejal Parmar.

Identify Your Professional Passion

proficiecy 4smallWhat Is Your Passion?

The answer might seem quite obvious, but a passion is something you enjoy doing, something that gives you energy rather than drain you out, something you would do even if you were not paid to do it. Another way to look at this is to consider that you are a multi-millionaire and that you don’t need to work. In such a case what would you choose to do? Think about your childhood dreams. Some people distinguish personal, social and professional passion; however, I don’t believe there is a difference. There are very few personal passions that can’t become professional passions (something that can be made into a living). I have many friends who have made a fulfilling living from taking on a social passion.

Passion for Money vs. Your Passion

I often find when talking to people that their ‘passion’ is biased towards what they feel is going to make them the most money, or their passion is displaced by parental or peer pressure in favor of the career or profession that leads to money and stability. Their choice of passion is dictated by what they can do to make big money.  An example would be Real Estate. A lot of people get into Real Estate not because it’s their passion, but simply because they believe it will be the best way to make money. While this may lead to financial success, many of these individuals live with feelings of regret and a general sense of life being meaningless.

I personally choose to distinguish passion and wealth creation from investment opportunities such as precious metals, shares, real estate etc. Saying this, there are some individuals who are both passionate and gifted about these investment vehicles. They sleep, breath and often teach the subject to others.

Passion & Sustenance

It is possible to work on your passion while ensuring you have adequate sustenance to take care of your day to day needs. However, at some point, you will have to take a leap of faith, quite possibly step out of your comfort zone, your security and dive into your passion. What I don’t recommend is you work on your passion under financial duress. There are some people who have been able to endure this, I can certainly relate, but the stress can be damaging.

Stress & B.S Will Diminish Your Passion

One of my mentors told me, ‘take care of the basics’, focus on creating a financial base first, enough that your basic needs are taken care of and that you are not stressing for money every month. Stress is passion’s enemy.  Another area that seems to kill people’s passion is the daily B.S (bullshit) tasks that have to be done to turn the passion into prosperity. I refer to this as the business of your passion. This is where it is important to embrace delegation and outsourcing. Don’t spend your valuable time on task you can outsource to others that you don’t enjoy.

Can Your Job or What You Are Doing Become Your Passion?

Recently someone asked me this question and to be honest I never thought of it before. My answer surprised me and the audience. “I think your passion can be like a marriage. Sometimes it is like an arranged marriage, you get married because it seems like a good fit, and you learn to like each other, and some even fall in love, and become passionate about each other. So yes, I guess you can become passionate about something. However, the reverse is also true. You find someone you ‘think’ you are passionate about, you fall in love, get married and then the passion and love disappears.”

Beejal Parmar.


passion 3smallYour passion is simply an activity that brings you joy, which adds energy to your day rather than draining you out. It is something that you wouldn’t mind doing even if you were not getting paid to be doing it.

These are the steps I use to help people identify their passion:

Step 1: List Your Passions:

Make a list of all the ‘passions’ you think you might have.

Example: author, speaker, actor, dancer, musician, executive in fortune 500 company, working with children .etc

Step 2: Prioritize Your Passions:

List them in order of preference. Compare first to second, to third method to be clear.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Passion:

Evaluate the first passion on your list; make a decision only if this is something you really want to do. Consider and weigh the pros and cons. You can pass and evaluate the next passion. Make a note of each key steps in seeing that your passion turns into possibility, then into profitability, and then, into prosperity!

Ask yourself very honestly if you are willing to take the necessary steps and do the work required?

I have seen many people, including myself, thinking that they had identified a passion, and then after getting into it realized that they did not really enjoy all the steps that needed to be done to make it real. Now through delegation, it is possible to focus on what you enjoy.

However, I caution you that it might take a while, or not, to get to that stage. Often the business duties that go with your passion can very quickly quench the fire of passion within you.

If you realize that the stuff that comes with the passion is not what you really want to do, evaluate the next passion on the list.

Step 4: Declare Your Passion:

If you are prepared to take on the tasks and challenges of pursing that passion, declare it! Post it on Facebook, write about it, and really embrace your decision enthusiastically.

Step 5: Focus On Your Passion:  Once you have identified your passion, stop evaluating and trying to work on the other passions. Turn one passion at a time into prosperity. You can work on a passion while having a job or a business that is your financial support.

If you are not sure if it is your true passion, pick one! Test it and if you find it is not your passion, or you are no longer passionate about it, go ahead and pick another passion! Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate, start today with your list, and by tomorrow you can start the process of turning your passion into prosperity.

Beejal Parmar.