Personality Success Blueprint

Meet Beejal Parmar

Founder: True Aim Solutions
"The better you know yourself, the greater you can succeed and more importantly, the happier you can be." - Beejal Parmar, Senior Partner & Founder, True Aim Solutions.

The concept of 'Personality Success Blueprint' is based on the life experiences of Beejal Parmar and from his experience of working with entrepreneurs all over the world. During his Personality Success Blueprint workshop, Beejal Shares his story of taking 18 years to finally focus on what he was naturally good at and find a role he could exceed at. Beejal’s life changed when he realized the importance of aligning his personality with the right opportunity.

Speaker & Trainer
Beejal feels the reason so many people struggle, is that they are working hard doing the wrong thing given their unique personality traits.

Today, Beejal is on a mission to help people unlock the secrets of their personality to achieve greater success and happiness. He believes that without this fundamental insight, most people can end up wasting a lot of time and money pursuing the wrong type of endeavor or career.

Global Adventurer & Lifestyle Coach
As a professional speaker and trainer, Beejal is known for his honesty and integrity. His workshops and seminars are engaging, fun and content rich, yet without the hype.

Beejal Parmar is a co-founder of True AIM Solutions, a virtualization, marketing and software development consulting company. He has helped entrepreneurs all over the world create outsourcing and marketing strategies that incorporate virtual employees and guide them to turn innovative ideas into software platforms. Beejal is also co-founder of, the number one Facebook marketing software platform.

He earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and had a professional background in automotive engineering, project management, business development, international sales and marketing. In 2005, he opened a pioneering and advanced technology body-mind center in San Diego and even spent some time as a project manager for a green manufacturing company. In 2009, after a series of setbacks, Beejal discovered the importance of self-awareness and personality analysis. With this new found knowledge and understanding he was able to re-design his life, and today he is living his dream lifestyle.

Beejal is quick to tell you that his core education has come from the school of hard knocks! Having faced and knowing how to overcome a range of life challenges combined with book smarts makes Beejal an extremely authentic and original speaker, trainer and coach, with a unique edge and ability to help the clients from all walks of life.

His core passion remains Personal Transformation and helping others achieve greater success. Beejal helps his clients create the new wealth and freedom lifestyle they desire to create. He is setting the example of the freedom lifestyle by travelling around the world with his wife and daughters, while working virtually.

Beejal is proof that you can turn challenges into opportunities, once you better understand your personality!

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Personality Success GAP Analysis

The following test consists of seven keys with three questions each.
Attempt all the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.

The questions are to be answered on a likert scale on one to ten. Answer the statements based on how the statements apply to you.

In the scale, 1 is 'I completely disagree', 5 is 'I'm not sure' and 10 is 'I completely agree'.

Answering the scale between 1-5 would indicate the degree to which you disagree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale between 6-10 would indicate the degree to which you agree with the statement based on how it applies to you.

Answering the scale at 5 or 6 indicates that you do not have a definite answer.

It is suggested that you try to answer above and below 5 or 6, as much as possible.

Don't overthink! Often, the first answer that comes to mind is usually the right answer.

The test should take you around 3 minutes to complete.

Good luck!

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